Do your chips contain trans fats?
No, our products contain 0 g of trans fat

How are your pita chips made?
In Snax Pita Crisps are made from all natural pita, with no preservatives added. They are tumbled while being seasoned to create the perfect coating.


Are In Cuisin Mashed Potatoes real potatoes?
They are 100% real potato, mashed, with real butter and real cream, all of grandma’s favorite ingredients. We make it for you – boil, mash, season, whip and quick freeze. So you have the convenience of taking the bag out of the freezer and microwaving it. Perfect every time!


How do I portion out the risotto?
Use a measuring cup, and follow the time per cup at the back of the bag.


How large is one portion of mashed potatoes?
125 g


Can I microwave the Mashed Potatoes in the bag?
We suggest placing the nuggets in a bowl and microwaving it, or cooking it on a stove top on a sauce pan.


What do I do if there is still water in the mushroom risotto after it has cooked the right amount of time?
Water naturally comes out of mushrooms during the cooking process. If there is still water in the bowl, place it in the microwave for another minute or so and then let it sit for a minutes to let the rice naturally absorb it